Domain Names

The domain name is used to access your website. It is sometimes refered to as the website address. Search engines and other indexing services also use it to list your website in their databases.
Hosted Exchange
Do you require features of Exchange Server, but do not want to maintain the infrastructure? Try our Hosted Exchange. For more information, contact
Reseller Web Hosting
Reseller hosting plans give you much more flexibility in creating and hosting websites. Becoming a reseller enables you to create your own customer base and provide them with hosting services. We take care of technical side so you can focus on your customers!

We offer a number of plans which are detailed below. Choose the one that fits your needs and get started today!

Shared Web Hosting
Host your website on our servers and let us worry about the technical details!

Our servers boast:

  • 99.5% Uptime (guaranteed)
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • the latest technologies

We have a number of plans available depending on your needs. Choose one and get started today! If you think you would like to resell hosting space check out ourĀ reseller packages.